Grants Terms & Conditions

Last updated: Jan 23, 2023

Unique conditions to the grant submissions

There are unique terms and conditions for grant submissions that are listed below.

  • Grant Submission - scripts can only be submitted by creating a Project. In addition to housing your grant application, a Project enables you to use a suite of tools to manage your production including creating jobs/opportunities and adding members to your team. By default, your project overview is searchable by other FILMD members to promote collaboration (you can adjust your project privacy settings at any time).
  • Copyright - you retain full copyright of your script
  • Access - you allow us access to read and share your script within FILMD for purposes of assessing its potential for a grant award
  • Script Length - your script is no longer than 10 minutes' duration
  • Shooting Location - your film will be produced in the United Kingdom
  • Country of Residence - you personally reside in the United Kingdom

Unique conditions for the grant winner(s)

There are unique terms and conditions for shortlisted candidates and grant winner(s) that are listed below.

  • Membership - to be shortlisted for, or to win the FILMD grant, you must have an active FILMD membership
  • Cast and Crew Opportunities - if you win the FILMD Grant, you agree to post cast and crew opportunities on the FILMD platform, giving other FILMD members the opportunity to apply for roles in your film
  • Social / Publicity - if you are shortlisted for, or if you win the FILMD grant, you grant us the right to share information both internally, and externally about you, the film, and the grant award including a link to your FILMD and social media profiles
  • Screening Room - if you win the FILMD Grant, you agree to allow us to add the film to our Screening Room, allowing other FILMD Members to watch it
  • Endorsement - any published work resulting, in part, from an award from a FILMD grant, will carry a public endorsement of support from FILMD, including but not limited to:
    • Title Card - if you win the FILMD Grant, you agree to place a title card at the beginning of the film showcasing your backing from FILMD
    • Credits - if you win the FILMD Grant, you agree to place a credit of FILMD in the end credits of the film

You can view our regular FILMD website Terms and Conditions here

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