Discover and Share Independent Film with the FILMD Screening Room.

Watch, upload, and celebrate independent film in our exclusive, members-only screening room.

Welcome to the Screening Room

The FILMD Screening room is an exclusive digital venue designed for FILMD members to showcase their creative work, discover new independent film, and connect with a community of filmmakers and enthusiasts. This feature provides a private, supportive space for sharing and viewing film, fostering a vibrant community of creators.

Community Engagement
Connect with fellow filmmakers and film enthusiasts in a dedicated space.
Visibility For Your Work
Increase the visibility of your film among a targeted audience of industry peers.
Constructive Feedback
Receive and provide feedback on work, facilitating growth and improvement.
Exclusive Content
With access to FILMD, you'll unlock a collection of films that are not available on any other platform.
Upload your film

Upload your film

Leave comments, share feedback, and connect directly with filmmakers.

Browse and discover

Browse and discover

Explore a curated selection of films from fellow FILMD members.

Engage with creators

Engage with creators

Easily upload your independent film directly to the Screening Room.

Upload your film
Browse and discover
Engage with creators

Key features


If you were unable to find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us!

To upload your film, simply navigate to the upload section within the Screening Room and follow the prompts to submit your work.

Yes, you have control over the privacy settings for your film. You can choose to make it accessible to everyone or restrict access to specific members or groups.

You can engage with fellow creators and film enthusiasts by leaving comments, sharing feedback, and connecting directly with filmmakers through the interactive comment section.
The Screening Room offers a diverse range of films from various genres and themes. You can easily browse and discover films by genre, mood, or creator, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
Not yet, but this feature is on our roadmap! Stay tuned for future updates and opportunities to showcase your talent in community events and competitions.

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